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   Hello, my name is Brad Kelly, and I was lucky enough to suffer from a debilitating disease with no cure since the age of 9. Lucky; because this sickness forged an UNDENIABLE need for me to seek out happiness, a need that caused me to read over 40 books on psychology, self-help, mental strength, and even study Neuroscience through Harvard University. I spent every day learning everything I could to build a stronger and happier mindset and now spend every night dreaming of using what I learned to help others.

    What I learned and inevitably shared made me now lucky enough to hear every day from someone that the information improved or even saved their life. My own struggle forged this book like a diamond is created from millions of pounds of pressure, and that is what I wish to share with you. A book which is now professionally backed by 4 Psychiatrists, 2 Psychologists and 1 Neuroscientist who wrote the foreword. Believed in by Actors, Directors, Olympic Athletes, World Champion Powerlifters/Bodybuilders, and  most importantly a girl from Georgia who like me faced overwhelming mental  anguish due to illness and told me it saved her life.

   I personally invite you to immerse yourself in the story within these pages. But it’s not my story, a story about a sick scared little boy who traveled the world to children’s hospitals in hope for a cure, no, it’s a story about the beauty of the human mind and the power we all possess within.

Your Friend In Health,


Brad Kelly

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