Supporters Of Worldwide Mental Health

I realized early on that my dream of spreading mental health awareness and education would need support, no matter how much education I put into the project, if I couldn’t bring enough awareness we will never have true change. These men and women helped make that dream a reality by standing with me on the book’s purpose and creating  uplifting and informative content. Finding uplifting and inspiring content we enjoy is a big part of optimizing mental health and they create it everyday. 

Their Content

Valentina Esteban

IFBB Bikini Pro

Lee Hayward

Professional Bodybuilder and Coach

Youtube: Lee Hayward
Facebook: Lee Hayward’s Total Fitness Bodybuilding

C.T. Fletcher

6 Time World Champion Powerlifter

YouTubeCT Fletcher Motivation
Official Facebook: C.T. Fletcher

Randi Kennedy

National Bikini Competitor and Coach

Gabby Male

Athlete, Author, and Coach

Instagram: @Gmalefit
YouTubeGabby Male

Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie | The Science Of Happiness

Professional Speaker and Podcaster

Kristin Pope

National Level Olympic Weightlifter

James Donahue

Actor and Casting Director

Kat Nardizzi

Actor, Singer, and Powerlifter

Instagram: @kat.nardizzi


Travis Pollen

World Record Breaking Paralympic Swimmer

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