Worldwide Mental Health

It starts With Us.

  When you look at what we have accomplished as a society for physical health in the last 100 years alone it is truly astonishing. We have cured diseases that were once thought to be incurable,  stopped epidemics that in the past would have wiped out millions of people, and push the envelope every day of what is possible medically. Just me being alive is a testament to our amazing ability to dream, and achieve because the surgery that went on to save me from esophageal cancer wasn’t even  publicly practiced  until a mere 4 years before I was born Yet sadly mental health awareness and education as a whole seems to be lagging behind the curve. In most cases, mental health care isn’t even brought up until we reach a breaking point, until AFTER our soldiers return from war, after the cancer treatments begin, or a mother loses a child.  Can you imagine if we treated physical health the same way?

  The truth is we are all just as susceptible to mental health issues as we are to getting a cut, bruise or broken bone. We all experience mental anguish and pain, sad days, and anxiety. Mental health problems are just as much part of the human experience as physical ones, just for whatever reason most refuse to discuss them publicly. So to those of you suffering, I say to you, you are not alone, supporting this book and mission are Olympic Athletes, Movie Stars, Singers, World Champion Athletes, and countless others who many call heroes who also know your pain and support you. Together we can work towards breaking the social stigmas attached to mental health once and for all by spreading its awareness and education.

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